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Ashla Soter

What Our Students Say

“It doesn’t matter if you are 5, 15 or 50, the first time you walk into Nancy’s class you immediately feel that you are in an environment that is welcoming, loving and safe for you to feel vulnerable in opening your soul at the endless possibilities of acting. Nancy is not just an acting coach; she is a life lessons mentor. She helps you better understand yourself and how your own mind works so that you can walk into the shoes of another character. She enforces the idea that “you alone are interesting enough for people” and encourages her students to honor the skills she teaches for becoming someone else while being filmed on camera. For me personally, I came to Nancy when I was in 8th grade. I had a million questions about myself and it was a point in time (like so many young teenagers go through) where I was finding out who I really was. Nancy helped me answer those questions. She built a confidence in me I never knew I could develop. She has helped guide me for the past 5 years, not to just become a better actor and director, but to become a better person. There has never been anyone I have looked up to for wisdom, guidance and love more than Nancy; and even now living in Los Angeles, I still have never forgotten a single lesson she has taught me and can always reach her if I ever have any questions, not just about acting…but about life! I attended Nancy’s class every Friday night for 5 straight years and there was NEVER a class where I didn’t learn a new skill or discover something new within myself. Words are too small to express how thankful I am for Nancy, everything I have achieved as a National Award Winning Director & Represented Actor… I owe it all to her.”
-Marco Bottiglieri
"Nancy has certainly taken my skillset to the next level! After one very short year in her class, (including 8 months of Zoom classes) I’ve gotten an agent and have been cast in multiple SAG roles, including a co-starring, recurring role in a network TV series and major brand commercials! She has the unique ability of seeing through your performance to draw out and assess those things that hinder you, while magnifying the things that will make you great. She teaches the skills that matter…both in life and in front of the camera. She is fully accessible and helpful with everything from self-tape auditions to what to do when you snag the job. Which you definitely will if you stick with her long enough.  I’m not only a better actress for having taken her class, I’m a better person"
-Rey Robinson
"Studying under Nancy is being in a constant state of evolution. She continuously challenges me and taps into those unexposed, internal spaces that we tend to bury deep inside of us. Over the past 2 years, Nancy has provided me with individualized training within a group setting. She plays on my strengths which, in turn, builds the confidence to step outside of my comfort zones.
I do not know who I am anymore or, at least, who I thought I was. I have ended up discovering the real me. Class is equal parts learning and therapy. She relentlessly peels through the layers of my walls and blocks through challenging and diverse exercises. I have become both a well-rounded and well-prepared actor. All of my training comes to the forefront during auditions and performances.
Not only is Nancy a great teacher but she also gives excellent industry guidance. She has pushed me to play a more pivotal role in my own success by encouraging continual education via workshops, self-marketing, and networking. Her training and guidance has resulted in a drastic increase in auditions and bookings; I landed my first national commercial with AT&T U-Verse this year!"
-Tori Leigh Smith
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