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Film & TV Acting Classes for Kids, Teens, & Adults.

Acting Audition

Nancy Chartier has been teaching since 1995 

Professional camera setup

Join our acting family where we cover audition technique, cold reading, acting as a business, scene study, & wildcards!

Actress on a Stage

Check out tips & tricks of the trade from yours truly related to set etiquette, booking a role, what's my frame, & more.

Film Set

Join a growing community of passionate individuals who are looking to make a difference & incorporate that into daily practice.

NCS Acting Training

The studio teaches classes that rotate to cover audtions, memorized scene study, cold site reading, & a wildcard week covering varying Meisner techniques. The objective of all classes is to teach actors industry standard practices, proper technique, scene study, & character development. All classes meet once a week for three hours and the cost is $160/month (4 sessions)

Adult Classes

-Wednesdays 12:30-4:00,

-Wednesdays 5:30-9:00

-Thursdays 5:30-9:00

Youth Classes (Age 7 - 17)

Saturdays 11:45-2:00

The Bizness of the Business class is a 3 hour dedicated seminar that covers all about the business of acting.  Nancy does this as one of her Wildcards in the beginning of the year, for her students.  Several agents reached out to ask if this was available to all actors, so this year, Nancy is going to off this as a one time seminar!  Everything your agents want you to know, everything you didn't know you needed to know will be covered, as well as a question and answer session.  The business changes so quickly, this helps you keep up so you aren't learning through painful mistakes.  Email Nancy if you are interested!

Nancy Chartier guides private coaching sessions & taped auditions. She will provide feedback on any topic across the industry & make suggestions. Taped auditions are taped in studio or through Zoom, where Nancy will direct the session, edit footage, & send that via email.  $75/hour


The Studio


Nancy Chartier Studios is a safe, creative home to actors that are brand new to the industry as well as veterans who've been carving out their career for years looking to get out of their comfort zone and be challenged.


NCS training is based on the Meisner Method. It's a very natural way of acting and encourages the actor to trust their instincts and be in the moment, organic, and real. Often Nancy will get feedback from parents and agents saying they don't want cookie cutter acting robots who "perform", and check out mentally while acting. "With the base of Meisner, I absolutely love the unique colors my actors are bringing to their work."

Our Alumni

Our Star Alums

All of our alumni remain a part of the NC Studios family & go on to manifest their talent into lasting careers. Every actor in the studio is a star who brought life & creativity which goes on to live in their work.


Jesse Plemmons

"I didn't really start doing stuff until I was 8 or so, but I was an extra in a bunch of different movies, and I just really took to it and really enjoyed it. I loved stepping into this imaginary world...& to get outside of my town with a bunch of movie weirdos."

Known for NBS' "Friday Night Lights", AMC' "Breaking Bad", "Power of the Dog" (nominated for Best Supporting Actor) , & Netflix' "Black Mirror"


Jake McDorman

Known for CBS' "Limitless" & Disney's "The Right Stuff"

Cherami Leigh

Known for "Sailor Moon", "Sword Art Online", & "The Addams Family 2"

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