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Nancy Chartier


Nancy Chartier Studios is a safe, creative home to both actors that are brand new to the industry as well as veterans who've been carving out their career for years looking to get out of their comfort zone and be challenged. 

A Bit About Nancy

Nancy loves her Studio! She really enjoyed creating a working set, (with comfy chairs) with an endless amount of props and possibilities. Come and check it out to get the full studio experience and meet everyone! 

Nancy Chartier is a working actor and a member of the Screen Actors Guild. She has been coaching actors since 1995. She loves and is passionate about acting, but her favorite thing is when her "stars" are working! (Once you start with her, you are one of her stars, or "star babies" no matter how old you get).   She loves empowering actors to be brilliant and to trust your creative instincts and ultimately yourselves. She wants you to feel safe enough to be able to take risks, learn from mistakes so you hopefully only make them once, or learn how to turn them into creative choices, and to be real. She coaches you to have a working understanding of both the emotional and technical side of acting, and know the acting terms and how they are utilized. It's a safe place to play and learn and grow, ultimately incorporating all of these ideals so that you are a fearless, respected, working actor in this industry.​


A Note from Nancy

It's such a privilege to help actors of all ages cultivate the tools needed to actualize their dreams. I am obsessed with empowering my actors!

As a working actor myself, my goal is making sure the creatives that come to study with me have the tools to not only trust their own brilliance but to intuitively know how to turn a problem into a moment that is both genius and memorable.


I keep the groups small so that the actors get individualized attention. I love guiding creatives to be able to completely trust their instincts and incorporate their own unique idiosyncrasies to bring a script and a character to life off of the page, while keeping it real, organic, and honest.  I created Nancy Chartier Studios to be a very safe and supportive atmosphere, but this does not mean that I do not push my actors to constantly go to the places that scare them to ultimately eliminate fear.  Only then are they free to fly creatively without caring what people think, which is what holds us back.  Empowering them with their sense of 'self' teaches them to have a strong foundation grounded in reality, so that when they create a character, you can't see where the character begins and they end, it's seamless.  Utilizing their imagination gives them endless possibilities and allows them to forage into emotional frontiers safely, without having any repercussions after the scene is over.  I am so proud of all of my actors past and present.  Please visit the Working Alumi page to see what my former star babies are up to and look under each class to see what my current actors working!


"I firmly believe that to get great performances out of an actor, you must first teach them it's safe to take risks and possibly fail, so they can learn how to trust their instincts and discover their creative power!"

- Nancy Chartier

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