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"I've had the pleasure to work with 'the actor' Nancy Chartier, and to work with the terrific students of 'the coach' Nancy Chartier, including the then 13 year old Jesse Plemons (CHILDREN ON THEIR BIRTHDAYS, "Friday Night Lights," THE MASTER).  Were I young enough, I'd join her studio." 

Mark Medoff Tony Award Winner, Oscar Nominee  for "Children of a Lessor God"

"If my child or teenager were an actor, I would want Nancy Chartier to be their coach. First of all, Nancy is an amazing  actress in her own right and understands acting! I have coached and directed Nancy, which is such a pleasure because of her amazing instrument. I have also coached and directed many of her students and they all love and adore Nancy because of her nurturing, yet insightful, style. Don't think she's a pushover! Her students will tell you she holds the bar high and demands the best they have to bring. Nancy's classroom is a safe place to learn and grow while being sensitive to the developing talent and personalities of each individual student." 

Del Shores- Award Winning Playwright, Director, Actor, Producer

Adult Class Schedule

WEDNESDAY  12:30-4:00

WEDNESDAY    5:30-9:00

THURSDAY     12:30-4:00

THURSDAY       5:30-9:00

Weekly Class Rotation

I have four types of classes that rotate every week of the on-going four week cycle:

Week 1: Cold Read Audition Technique on Camera

Week 2: Memorized on Camera

Week 3: Cold Read Scene Preparation

Week 4: Wildcard Exercise

Acting Class Wed. Day.JPG

General Information for Adult Classes

The  Adult sessions are on-going, paying four weeks at a time, limited to fourteen students. Actors may find their scripts, from the files I provide in the studio, on their own, or write their own scenes that are both challenging and age appropriate to their scene partner.

The cost is $160 for four consecutive sessions, with a $40 refundable deposit. If you miss for any reason, it can be made up by coming to two sessions in one week so you never 'lose' the session, as long as you are a current member of The Studio.

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 Weekly Class Rotation 
I have five types of classes for youths that rotate
every week of the on-going four week cycle:

Week 1: Cold Read Audition Technique on Camera
Week 2: Memorized on Camera
Week 3: Cold Read Scene Preparation

            or alternating month

Week 3: Improvisation
Week 4: Wildcard Exercise​


The sessions are consecutive, on-going, paying four weeks at a time, limited to ten students, for two hours. 

I am very protective of the mores of the young actors, and I write the scripts to both challenge them and keep the content age appropriate concerning both language and situations.

There are four acting classes for $175;  siblings are offered a discounted price of $10 each, making it $165 per child. If you miss a class, I offer an extra class about once a month for anyone who's missed a class; and missed classes don't expire.

Children and Teens need to work a class to see if they like it, they can't just passively watch.  I offer a single class, $40, as a trial for them to make sure it's a good fit.


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Meisner Based Technique

Nancy Chartier Studios training is based on the Meisner Method. It's a very natural way of acting and encourages the actor to trust their instincts, be in the moment, organic, and real.

 I absolutely love watching my Stars grow, and seeing the unique colors and individuality they are bringing to their work by discovering more layers in themselves!

What You'll Learn

  • Audition Technique                    

  • Sight Reading Technique

  • Emotional Preparation

  • Scene Preparation                       

  • Set Etiquette

  • Continuity

  • Technical Preparation

  • On Camera-Memorization

  • Improvisation

  • Accents

  • The Bizness of the Business

  • Film Industry Information

  • And lots more!

What is a Wildcard?

*Wildcard Weeks cover a variety of specialized acting exercises that help me target specific things that may not come up in the the other classes:

- monologues

- creating more layers in scripts

- accent & dialect training

- emotional grounding

- comedy & drama

- improvisation
- active listening

- self tape techniques

- blocking

- career vision boards

- Meisner Repetition

- and more!

Class Details

I'm Nancy Chartier, and  I am your Coach, you will study directly with me every class. My approach is based on the Meisner Method of Acting, and is very personalized. I created The Studio to be a safe space to learn and grow and make all the mistakes there, so when you are on set, you will know how to problem-solve. These are an on-going acting sessions that cycle every 4 weeks.  Cold Read on Camera, Memorized on Camera, Cold Read Scene Preparation, and of course the Wildcard class, which is different every fourth week and doesn't repeat for at least one year. I use this format as a tool to help each actor dig deep to discover and give voice to 'The Creative' inside, while also balancing all the technical aspects of acting for film. I strive to make sure my Actors are empowered with industry standard practices, proper technique, character development, and scene study, and basically all relevant and current information necessary in the ever changing and mercurial industry. Plus it's a super fun place with awesome talent, come and see for yourself!


AGES 7-12     10:00-12:00 p.m. 
AGES 13-17   12:00-2:00   p.m.

Youth Class Schedule

Studio 8.jpeg

Private Coaching

Private sessions are a pre-scheduled time where you will have my full attention to work on whatever you may need.


It's a great way to prepare for an upcoming role, submit an audition tape, practice technique, review headshots or reel footage, or just ask questions.


The cost is $75 for an hour. Both in person & virtual available. 

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