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Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Texas, and Dallas to be specific, is a great network and the people in this network are very close. There are many places that you can get plugged in! Here are a list of some of those networks/companies: - *Actors Access (Casting Calls) - *Casting Networks (Casting Calls) - *Cast it Talent (Casting Calls) (Is there an option to have a free Basic Membership for Cast it Talent? To sign up for a basic account, please go to Without filling out anything else on the page, click the "Log in With Facebook" button at the bottom of the page. NOTE: You will need to enable pop-ups for this process, and you will be prompted to enter your log in details in this pop-up. You will be able to enter your Facebook password (the email field should be pre-populated with your Facebook email address) and finish the registration process. - Legacy Casting (Extra Work) - Texas Association of Film Comissions (Casting Calls, Crew Calls, Extra Work) - Short Film Texas (Casting Calls, Crew Calls, Extra Work) - Dallas Film Commission (Casting Calls, Crew Calls, Extra Work, Industry Events) - Austin Film Society (Industry Events) * these web pages WILL BE REQUIRED when signed with an agency

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