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Now You Need Headshots - A Guide to Dallas Acting Headshots & Photographers

Headshots are the first thing that a casting director, director or producer will see about you. This is how they will select you from hundreds of submissions to request an audition or to book you. It is important to get these as soon as possible and you must have a headshot before you begin auditioning. Make sure they're current and look like you.

Do's & Dont's

  • Don't wear a hat, sunglasses or have your hair in your face. Jewelry should me minimal, small studs, a necklace that doesn't pull focus. Makeup should enhance you, not upstage you, stay away from eye liner, false lashes. They are looking for real people. Too much makeup makes you look like an amateur.

  • No logos, avoid small stripes in case they moire` (zebra stripe), and patterns that are loud and may upstage you.

  • Choose colors that complement you and make you pop.

Know What Look You're Going For

  • It's a good idea to write down a list of 'types' that you audition for, and then, write down sentences that inspire the feelings that will create that 'character'. For a character that is mischievous, write down a specific secret that invokes that thought and then that feeling from you and will be interpreted as mischievous, etc., such as "I hid behind something and scared my husband Halloween night "Don't create a costumed character, just the suggestion or hint of someone who could be perceived as that character. You can take HS's in Scrubs, however.

  • Also make sure to keep these photos up to date getting new headshots every 1 to 2 years, if not sooner.

  • If you change your look, (new hair cut), then new headshots, so make sure you realllllly want that look because it's a pricey haircut! Keep your acting sites and agent up to date with changes. When you change your 'look' or hair, you've GOT to get new headshots.

  • ​I ONLY recommend photographers of EXCELLENT quality, are consistent in their work, actor friendly, and have an affordable price point.

Recommended Dallas Photographers

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