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I Got Hired - Locally? What is Local Hire?

What does "Local Hire" or "Modified Local Hire" mean?

LOCAL HIRE If you say you are “local hire” it means: 1. You will travel in and have your own lodging in that area. 2. You will not ask for or require any assistance to providing lodging or travel or per diem or mileage or reimbursement. 3. You will be as accessible and easy to work with as if you actually live in that area. If they call you in for table read or fitting or forced call they should expect you to arrive within a few hours or at the next day without issue. 4.can prove you have a local address to provide for the paperwork 5.Can sometimes accept a courtesy hotel with no mileage or per diem if semi distant. MODIFIED LOCAL HIRE If you claim to be a MODIFIED LOCAL HIRE it means: 1. You live out of area but are able to travel yourself in if production will offer hotel/mileage/per diem. 2. You can give an address within 500 miles of shoot. 3. Are as accessible within “travel in” reasonability of normal 500 mile radius. As you can see there is no one way to make this simple. Keep in mind that local and regional CDs want local and regional actors. They sometimes get very disappointed when actors move to bigger markets and they lose them as locals and regional hires. Actors who move away and can stay as local and regional hire need to let us know and we can help them know the best way to slate.

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